Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pregnancy Nesting

Pregnancy Nesting.  

My definition- A pregnant woman's desire to have everything in order for the new arrival.  An urgent desire to do things she has never done before. She cleans things, moves things, collects things, and participates in insignificant activities that have nothing to do with anything.

I am officially nesting.

"Janna, what's for dinner?  It's 6:00," my husband came into the laundry room behind me.  "I don't know," I replied, "How can I think about dinner when I am going through this old box of hinges?"  

The next morning before breakfast... "Oooo, what are you making in the slow cooker, Janna?" Dan asked as he peered into the steaming crock pot.  "What are we having for breakfast?"

"I don't know, I am making a pot of beans," I answered.

He looked at me confused, "Why?"

I shrugged.  "I don't know.  I can't explain the things I do when I am nesting, Dan.  I just had an intense desire to make a pot of beans."  

I don't think you are supposed to question a nester's intentions or happenings.  It starts to confuse them.  It starts to make them question their reality.

"Janna, what is this pile of food on the floor for?"  More questioning from my husband.  Apparently I need to make an emergency disaster kit for our family because I can't stop buying beans and rice and oats and adding them all to a pile on my laundry room floor.  "Dan, we need to buy a porta potty.  Where are we going to go to the bathroom in a disaster?"  He looked at me, tilting his head and squinting his sarcastic eyes.  "Dan," I responded, "This is serious."

Next, I found myself nesting my pantry.
I spent a couple of hours, emptying out a major chunk of it.  
I was so proud.  Here are the before and after pictures.

Do I need help with my pantry?  No.  Why?  Do you?

I think my problem is Trader Joe’s.
Every time I leave that place my cart looks like this:

I digress.  I am finding that nesting is real.  

Very real.  

That it is an innate desire, a reality within the pregnant woman.  

I have found that I nest with focus, motivation, passion.  

I nest exactly like a bird.  

I find stuff.

I move it around.

Until I have made my very own.... 



  1. Congratulations Janna!! Happy nesting or mess'ting ;)

  2. I remember my sister ALWAYS cleans her doors and walls when she is preganant and when she wasn't pregnant and was washing her doors and walls husband almost had a heart attack and said, "are we preganant again?" Nope, she wasn't but it's a usual sure sign of her nesting! You are right it is weird stuff we want to do when we are nesting!

  3. laughed out loud over the pantry:)

  4. Yes yes yes and thank you! I'm sending this one to my hubby. We've got less then 4 months left and I've done nothing! I need to nest which means he needs to move furniture around and paint! Lol! I keep telling him I need to nest and he looks at me as if I'm Officially going crazy, nest?!?!? Lol!

  5. Nesting seems to be when the deep cleaning, ridiculous organizing and unusual hoarding tend to happen. Enjoy your nesting!

  6. Janna, I'm chuckling to myself as I read about your nesting. I thought I was doing the same kind of stuff because I finally felt like getting my life/home together. Nope. Call is what you will, but it's nesting. Mark said to me this morning (after I ran off a list of things HE needed to do), "I want my old Allison back, where is she???" Hopefully I'll return to normalcy once this little one has arrived! Actually, I believe we're due around the same time? Kinda fun! Congrats (and get your list done!)

  7. I do all that kind of stuff all the time anyway! I think it's because half of my DNA came from Finland. Finns are slightly OCD about organization and cleaning. :) So I guess if get pregnant I might have the cleaning and organizing blitz that might completely freak out my husband.

  8. You're cracking me up!! Happy nesting momma!! Enjoy that big ol' pot of beans - they won't give you gas at all! :D

  9. Congratulations! Happy nesting...XoXo

  10. Yes, I can so relate. Random projects become ESSENTIAL during nesting. I've been doing some of that lately since we have an adoption in the works. I used to believe it was the pregnancy hormones, but it's worse than ever this time. I suddenly NEED to touch up the paint in the bathroom. As if he is going to care...

    I really enjoyed this post! Thanks.

  11. Love your site and what you are doing. I'm a mom, business owner, and author, and embarking on a way-too-busy summer blog tour. Care to host for a tour stop? Would love to chat about simplifying!
    Melissa Foster

  12. I finally got to come read this ... LOVE it. You are such a clever writer. How do you do it? Keep it up. Please!