Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He Would Say Goodbye

Beautiful rolling hills covered with vineyards framed like a picture by the windows in their living room.   Sitting next to Ryan, Barb looked at us both from across the coffee table and said, “We would rather be renting a small two bedroom house.”  “We want our lives back.”   
And that’s exactly what they did.
Ryan looked out his backyard window one last time.  
It would be the last time he looked upon his house, his pool, his vineyard.  As he gazed out the window, he wasn’t just looking at vines covered in green leaves and plump grapes, he was looking out at his hard work, time, and sweat that he had dedicated to this land, and it looked amazing.  But instead of a tear in his eye, his face gave way to a grin, a grin that spread from ear to ear.  He was ready to say goodbye.  Like a man dropping a heavy weight off his back, Ryan reached out to hand a man something of great significance.  “Here are the keys,” he said as he smiled and dropped them into the hand of the new owner.  “Enjoy it.”  The closing of a chapter in his life.  On to  better things, he was happy to release something many people work their whole life to attain.
And as for better things, well, it was time.
Off to Africa...

to children in need, to dying villages, to wells that were to come.  His heart soared as he entered the airplane.  Another well down, another village with clean flowing water.  High hopes of many coming soon.  He had been released from many affairs that had bound his time and energy.  In letting go, he felt freedom.  He could focus now on what really made his heart beam with significance and purpose.       
Was our brief crossing of lives just a coincidence?  I cannot think so.  
When my grandmother passed away, I was blessed by her with an inheritance.  “I want to give part of it to something, Dan,” I said as I held the check in my hand.  “But to who, to what?”  It was deposited until I felt on my heart where God was leading me to give.  And here sat Ryan and Barb, two people who the world might call saints, but really just two people who listened to God’s calling on their hearts.  “This is it, Lord,” I prayed, “This is where you want me to give.”
“I know where the money should go,” I said to my husband.  And I needn’t say more, “I know, Janna,” he replied with a smile and a slight nod.  “I know.”   
Because of Ryan and Barb's faithfulness, we were able to participate in providing clean water to people in Africa who desperately need it.  

Dirty drinking water images of what the people 
had to drink before getting clean water wells

Smaller versions of these leeches get stuck in people's
 throats and then grow and cause a lot of problems. 

This is a little girl with clean water from one of the wells.

To donate or get involved please visit:


  1. This is terrific! It's so wonderful when the blogosphere unites for good causes! That leech just made me sick to my stomach. What a wonderful thing you're doing!

  2. This is amazing... We donated to a well-thing last year. Maybe you heard on the news about the little Seattle-girl who died in a car accident, and who had been collecting money for wells in Africa? Her posthumous charity donations came in so fast that they amassed over a million dollars in a little over a week. It was unbelievable! I'd do it more frequently if we weren't already sponsoring 4 kids through Compassion International! :) I have a heart for those kids, and I know Compassion also makes sure they have clean water, and food, so it kind of works out to be the same I think.