Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Our Third Trip

Our next destination?  San Luis Obispo, California, a beautiful city alongside the ocean.

I had never been here before, but my brother, who was once a model and had traveled all over the world, recommended that we visit this place.  "Janna, the city is beautiful, hip.  You will love it."  He had seen the world, so if he said this place was wonderful, it would be amazing.  We would be staying with an old friend of mine from high school, Ryan and his wife, Barbie.

We had not seen these dear friends of ours for 15 years, but it seemed not a moment had passed between us.  So much had changed, and yet nothing had changed.  A few grey hairs here and there, not on my head, of course.  And a few creases alongside the eyes, hiding the youth that once was.

We caught up on times passed.  Marriage, children, businesses. 

I met Ryan when we were in our teenage years.  We went to the same high school together and began our early college years together.  In college, Dan and I had a government class that we took together, and Ryan was in the course with us.  We sat in the back of the classroom, mostly to hide me from the teacher.  It's difficult for me not to whisper and pass notes in class.

“Turn around, Janna,” Dan whispered to me, attempting to redirect my attentions to the front of the room.  Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, the professor’s voice was so monotone, so uninteresting, and his topic made me want to shoot myself right then and there.  What was I doing in a government class anyway?  It must have been a prerequisite, or maybe I just wanted to take a class with Dan, my boyfriend.

“If you play with my hair, I will be quiet,” I looked at Dan with a sweet smile.  Ryan was beside us in the next row; he smiled and shook his head.  He was familiar with my attention deficit difficulties. 

“Ryan, what are your plans for the future?”  I asked him as we exited the class.  “I am not sure.” he answered. 

He doesn’t even know!, I gasped to myself.  I was busy putting my ducks in a row.  I had big plans of finishing school, becoming a teacher, and getting married.  What was he planning to do?  Maybe I needed to help him.  After all, he was single, and I had this crazy ability at matchmaking.  But before matching him up, I needed to interview him as well as offer him a pep talk. 

“Ryan, you have got to have focus,” I said as I hit the back of my hand to the palm of my other hand to add emphasis to what I was saying.  “Build your nest and they will come.” 

I noticed that his attention was drawn away from me to a young lady walking past.   Ahhh, an interest, I thought to myself.  My matchmaking skills automatically kicked in.  I couldn’t even stop them if I wanted to.  Forget the interview.  There was love in the air.

“Ask her out,” I said. 

He didn’t respond. 

“Don’t ignore me when I am talking to you, Ryan.  You heard me.  You are only two feet away from me and my voice is loud.  Ryan, ask her out right now!” 

He had no choice.

He walked over to the girl.  Dan and I stood back at a distance, but not too far.  We wanted to be sure to see, to hear what was taking place.  A few words were exchanged.  I couldn’t hear them, and I couldn’t read their lips.  It was so frustrating.  I should have attached some kind of listening device to him. 

Ryan began walking back to us, and I could tell that her answer was not yes.  “She has a boyfriend,” Ryan said as he flushed red with embarrassment. 

His time was to come.

And this song would haunt me until…  “Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.  Find me a find.  Catch me a catch...”  

And so I did.  I know you are not supposed to brag, but I was so good at matchmaking.  It was like a job for me, and the success rate of my business was astounding. 

So here was Ryan, a perfect man to marry.  Who did I have for him? 

Ahhh, her name was Barbie, and she looked just like one.

I remember pointing them out to one another.  Violins were playing in the background.  “There, you see her?  Sitting there across the way..." I said as he stared at her from across the room, "There is your future mate.”  And because they cooperated with love, fate, and me, here they were 15 years later, two mates perfectly made for one another, sitting before us on their living room couch.  I smiled as I looked at them and thought to myself,

I'm good. I should have started the first online dating service. 


  1. What a beautiful love story and what a wonderful match-maker you are!!
    That's awesome that they are still together...:)

  2. Hooray! A new blog post! A new blog post! I could tell a long funny story about how my mom & dad's neighbor had the Poifect man for my sister, and played matchmaker like a bonafide "Yenta" and now they have been together for nine years (including almost 6.5 years of marriage.) Of course, there were some funny sidebars along the way -- as there always are. Matchmaking is an art, I tell you. An art.

  3. nice post! thanks for sharing...Happy holidays...loves soraya

  4. Wow... Gorgeous place. I believe it would be a marvelous holiday! Spent with dear friends ;) And that's a cute matchmaking story. I always love it when two people get together and find their soulmates!