Sunday, October 16, 2011


Two boats drifted down a river, side by side.  The wind pushed them together and forward, shoulder to shoulder, flowing through the streams of life.  

The currents were in our favor, schooling, working, our husbands best friends, all of our pregnancies and births of babies.  Closer.  The closest you could be to a friend.  


We sat swaying on my white wooden porch swing in front of my old house.  Both of us, our first born babies in hand.  At this time, she lived around the corner from me. 



Back and forth. 

Swinging through life.

Life was just better that way.

“You know how to harmonize?” I smiled, knowing very well the answer.

“How hard can it be?” she grinned.

And so we sat side by side beneath the shade of an overhanging porch.

She took soprano, piercing the air with a high pitched shrill.  I took baritone, penetrating her awful sound with a low pitched transvestite tone. 


No.  Croaking.  Like two toads.

“We sound horrible,” I laughed.

“Yeah, but for one moment, did you hear?  We sounded good together.  It was just for a moment,” she said.

A moment.

Life is really just a collection of them.  Bottled up in our memories.  Caught on little pieces of prints.  Stuck in files on our computers.  Time captured.  Moments frozen.

Friendships have their moments.  Their seasons. 

And when those seasons begin to change, when the leaves of life’s trees begin to change color, drop one by one, uncertainty suddenly sneaks in.

What will become of us?

And in uncertainty comes the birth of tension.

Why are we growing apart?

Who is to blame?

And can it be stopped?  Can it be prevented?

Anita and I began to grow apart by anything but desire.

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  1. Aww this is sad :( But I can see how it happens, I have experienced it. I'm a firm believer that some things expire, people touch your life for a time and a reason and sometimes they have to leave...