Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Pump Up (Part 2)

So we were coming along.  He was now ordering my food for me at restaurants.  Now that is a manly thing to do.  I felt more attracted to him already.  Look at him just telling the waitress what I want.  It looks like I have no brain of my own, but who cares what she thinks, I have a manly man who orders for me, and I like it.  He’s so strong and assertive and knows the favorite flavors which entice my palette.  Oooo, he’s so debonair when he orders for me.

Hmm, what else could I do to encourage his manliness and leadership position that I was trying to hand over to him?

I realized I needed to stop telling him to ask my father before making huge decisions for our family.  My husband is wise, smart, cautious.  Sure, he should seek council before making huge decisions, but who he seeks advice from should be up to him.  I was always saying, “Call my dad,”  “Ask my dad first.”  I would encourage him to talk with whomever he trusted.  If that ended up being my dad, then great, but it would be my husband’s decision with whom he would ask.

And now for the major decision I decided to hand over to him. 

“Dan, I want you to decide where we are going to move,” I said, and this time I meant it.

“Are you sure?” he asked me.

“Yes, Dan, I am sure.  There is no one I would trust more.”    

He could probably decide the best place for me and the kids better than I could.  And it would be okay; he could be trusted.  And so I handed over the biggest decision for my life at that time.  Surprisingly, I felt a little bit relieved, and at the same time, I felt a little sorry for him to have to be in charge of such a major decision to make, but I could tell it was what he wanted.  What he needed.  Now lead, my hunk of a man.  Lead.

I could have sworn at that moment he sat up straighter, raised his shoulders, and lifted his chin.  The manliness was flowing back into him.  I think his muscles even swelled beneath his shirt because it looked like his shirt got tighter.

And his top shirt button popped open revealing just a little bit more chest hair.

There, before me, sat the man whom I chose to lead this family, all tall and proud, and ready to lead.  All.  Pumped.  Up.

I would have to say, leadership makes a man more sexy. 

And more muscular.

You know, allowing a husband to lead is a process.  It’s like learning a new dance.  Toes will be stepped on.  Limbs will fall out of place.  Sometimes he will be going one way, I another.  But after time, our steps will align, and we will create, hand in hand, a dance that is just right for us.  An elegant, beautiful, time tested dance of love.  Together.  With his leadership prompting my every next move.  And me feeling safe and secure knowing that he is my lead.

Oh to learn life's dance with you, my husband.
Our unique, beautiful dance of love.


  1. Strong, healthy, loving leadership DOES look really nice on a man, I totally agree!!

  2. Those are such great photo choices!! Good for you for handing that big decision over to him!

  3. i totally agree. i tend to always go to my dad. lol. adore this post. I'd love if you'd check out of my latest Lauren Conrad inspired outfit post. I took the pictures in front of her old house on the Hills. So pretty.Love to hear what you think.Thanks love. xoxo


  4. I just read your last 2 posts and was cracking up one second and amazed by your wisdom in the next. I've had to give up control too. Not in leadership, but something worse - nagging. I thought I was "helping" with my reminding or advice, but one day I decided to just stop unless he asked for my help. I like myself better now that I don't sound like my own mom.

  5. this post is hilarious and SO wise--I've only been married 1.5 years and we're now starting the process of buying/building a house. There is a lot of trust involved but I completely and utterly think he has our best interests in mind. I love this reminder! hope you had a great weekend--and congrats for making this step! xoxo {av} | {long distance loving}

  6. I love this post! It's so funny, yet intelligent :)

    Great blog :)

  7. Such a thought provoking 2 posts. Thank you for the encouragement to do like wise

  8. That last photo is hilarious! It looks like Jack La Lanne or someone? Is it? Anyway, I have tried my hardest not to nag my hubby and to let him make decisions for us, and we really are more symbiotic and harmonious when he feels 'in charge.' Of course, there's that whole adage that the Man is the Head of the House, but the Woman is the Neck! ;)