Monday, July 11, 2011

A New Land Exists!!!

We saw a life that attracted us, a simpler life.  A life in the country.

We came home all excited of what else was out there and wanted to tell everyone about it.

As we walked through the front door of Louie and Anita’s house, our closest friends, we were eager to share. 

“What happened to your hand,Janna?”  They exclaimed when they saw it all bandaged up.  But that wasn’t important.  “Long story,” I responded, “I will tell you later.”  Right now I couldn’t wait to tell her what we were so excited about.

I was like Columbus talking to the queen, wildly swinging my arms from all my excitement.  “A new land exists!” I was practically yelling in her face.  Her hair was blowing back from the air of my breath.  I think I spit in her face because she flinched away.  I stumbled over my words trying to get them out as fast as I could.  “Anita, we could live in the country.  We could have cows and chickens, and a tractor.  We could live in a house on a rolling hill!  A rolling hill, I tell you!!!”

But as I was telling her, the expression on her face was not what I had expected.  She was scrunching her face up and looked appalled.  I saw concern on her face. 

“What?” I was confused.  “What’s with the unattractive facial expression?  I don’t think you should do that face.  It isn’t very pretty.”

I saw the worry in her eyes, but I ignored it.  It will be fine, I thought, she just has to get used to the ideaAnd then we will all move together.  It will be great.

Then a few days later, there came “The Talk.” 

The Talk

“We are like a family.  Our kids are like cousins.  We are supposed to grow old together and be put in the same convalescent home,” Anita and Lou sat before us, their eyes filled with worry.

It was true.  We had always thought we would be around each other, like family.  When we bought our house in Long Beach, they bought a house in Long Beach soon after.  We were walking distance from one another, and it was awesome.  "Do you have any sugar I could borrow?" and then I would run over to her house to fetch it.  We planned to be close our whole lives, living life together.  So when she reminded me about living in a convalescent home together, it sounded like so much fun.

My excitement started to waver.  My dream had been poked by a sharp pin and life was slowly seeping out of it.

Pthththththththth, the air escaped, almost loud enough for me to hear.

This talk was making me feel loved and wanted.  And deep down that is what I desired most.  Isn’t that what we all desire?  To be loved and wanted?  Here sat Anita and her husband Lou, people with whom our lives were deeply intertwined, they didn’t want to lose us, and I did not want to be lost.  The history of our lives together ran so deep.  Lou was like a brother to both me and Dan, and Anita was like the sister I never had but always longed for.

Dan and Lou

Me and Anita


  1. This type of friendship is rare, and this type of friendship can withstand whatever is thrown at it. You are a blessed girl and it sounds like the Lord has it all in His hands.

  2. I always dream of moving to the country, having all the animals and tractors and bringing all my friends and family with me. Wouldn't it be great to have a small town with all of your loved ones and live the simple life?

  3. That's my favorite picture of Dan and Lou - all matching and posing like they were a couple or something. =)
    So, which old lady am I supposed to be? It looks like the one in the blue is making the other one laugh, so I must be the one in white, because you are always making me laugh. I'm sure it will be the same when we are at the convalescent home together. Can't wait to grow old with you, my friend. =)

  4. LOL, Anita.

    I want to be the one with the teeth.