Saturday, July 23, 2011

My Idea

Once a week I take a moment to interrupt my simple life journey to share with you some extra bonus material to make you smile.  Enjoy!

I was swimming in the local public pool with my children, and I realized something.  Chlorine numbs your skin.  And do you know how I know this?  Because you can’t feel it when your daughter unties your bathing suit top.  “Janna, your bathing suit top is falling off,” a mom friend of mine said to me as I swam past her.  I looked down and sure enough there were my boobgirls swimming free.  Wonderful.  Every time I swim with my children, somehow, somewhere, someone unties my bathing suit top.  So, why fight it? 

The local pool is not a topless one, but you will find me there topless, nevertheless.

Well, I finally came up with a solution to my topless problem.  I double knotted my swimsuit tie.  Novel idea.  I then found I had a different problem.  My daughter tries to walk up the front of my body when I am holding her in the pool and when doing so, she walks my swim suit bottoms right off. 

The local pool is not a nude one, but you will find me there nude, nevertheless.      

I just realized why my husband won’t go to the pool without his goggles and why he spends most of pool time practicing holding his breath underwater.  “Janna, did you see that?  Three minutes that time!!  I broke my record!”  “That’s great, Dan.  Unbelievable,” I responded, rolling my eyes.  “Why can’t you just swim with us?  Why do you always have to be underwater?”

Nakedness, below the surface of water.  Hmmm…

Suddenly, I understand the need for nudist swimming areas.  It is for people like me who really just can’t keep their clothes on.  I don’t know how much longer the pool management is going to allow me to be swimming naked in their family kiddie pool.  I may just have to start a nudist swimming area myself.  It will be called Naked Mom Pool.  No goggles allowed.   

Moms, in the end your suits come off anyway, so why even bother?

Feeling bashful?

No worries.  Chlorine numbs your skin,

after a few seconds in the pool you won’t even realize your naked.

 I couldn't include a picture of me.  Only of what was left behind.


  1. That was hilarious!!! Loved it!! I was seriously laughing through the whole story! And so darn true, I don't know why we bother when the kids manage to take it right off anyway. Peek a boob :)

  2. PLEASE write a book, you kill me with your stories!!

  3. Maybe you can forget a bikini and test bathing suit one piece... ;-)