Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Hesitate to Share...

Once a week I take a moment to interrupt my simple life journey to share with you some extra bonus material to make you smile.  Enjoy!

I have found that losing certain things seems to be a common occurrence for me.


And it is so frustrating when I lose these things.

My keys.

My cell phone.

My daughter.

We had a very close call with our daughter when she was just about to turn 3 years old.  I hate to even think about it.  We lost her for a time.  One minute she was there and the next minute she was gone.  I felt the terror that every mother wishes and prays she will never have.  It is a scary thing when you lose your child….

In your house.

We looked everywhere.  We even looked outside surrounding the house, looking for all signs of life.  

Finally, someone in the search party found a clue.  It was a smell, a very distinct one.  That certain brave individual decided to follow this odorous smell to its source, and it’s source was a small little person with a load of poop in her pants.  It was my daughter.  She had been hiding behind our bathtub, embarrassed because she needed to take care of business when we had company over.

We found her, and all was well once again.   

It was a close call.

And it couldn’t happen again.  But, oh no, it could.

And I never even knew she was missing.

I was making dinner in the kitchen, my daughter was painting a picture, and my sons were outside playing.  I was the mom who had it all together.  A wonderful balancing act of life done by me.  The kids were content, the laundry was all put away, and I was starting dinner before 4:30.  I bent over to get out my large saucepan and suddenly my attention was drawn away from cooking by the sound of a knock at my front door.  I went to answer it, and do you know who it was? 

It was my daughter.  She’s like David Blane.


My daughter keeps magically disappearing.  It has happened many other times as well.

So there was only one thing to do, and I am not proud of what it I did.

I hesitate to share.

It was a borderline unethical decision.  I know.

But it was very, very necessary.

I put my daughter on a….


And that, my friend, is my case for a child leash.

Oh, one more thing I like about it… 

It keeps all your children together.



  1. Well, I have lost keys, and mobile, but never a daughter. I loved your post, very real, and very funny, x

  2. i have never put my children on leashes but have wanted to MANY times. =)

  3. Always despised the leash...said I'd never use it. Till I had Jeremiah! :-). Too funny. Embrace the leash Janna! Becca

  4. I'm totally judging you right now... ;) hee hee

  5. I have one for Brooklyn, she loves to take off! There are times when I feel like I should invest in a triple stroller, but.....Parker is 11 and they just don't make them big enough for her! Kara

  6. Kara, sounds like you have a David Blane as well.

  7. I've always wondered who uses leashes for their children. But ya know what I like most about this post is that you actually call it a leash. I've heard other parents call it some decoder-like name. But c'mon, call it what it is...I think it might work well within my home when my naked 2 1/2 yr old is running away from me.