Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An Eligible Bachelor

My husband Dan met Lou when they were both in junior high.  I met Lou for the very first time when I began dating Dan.  I was 17 years old.  Lou was like our chaperone.  He went everywhere with us, and he kept our passions in line.  You would not make out when there is Lou sitting next to you and your boyfriend, now would you?  Every high school kid needs a Lou.  

 Because Lou is always with you.

Dan and Lou were in their first year of college, and I was a senior in high school.  We had the best times together.  The guys started kind of a guy club, and I started kind of a girl club, and we all hung out together constantly in our college years.  But Anita and Lou wouldn’t find love with each other yet because Anita thought she was getting married to this other guy, a guy I did not approve of.  I tried my very best to stop it, but Anita decided to ignore all of the blazing, florescent, orange flags that were whacking her across the face, blinding her visuals.  I remember helping her try on wedding dresses.  She couldn’t decide between two.  As she was stepping into one of them, she said to me in exasperation, “Janna, I can’t decide.”  My response, which really had a deeper meaning, was, “Anita, what if you don’t have to decide?”  She knew what I really meant, what if we could ditch this whole wedding idea, and we both started laughing out loud.  The mother of the bride and all of her bridesmaids, who were outside the dressing room door, inquired, “What is so funny?”  We just responded, “You know, just dress issues.”

It left me puzzled.  How could she marry a guy whom she really didn’t want to marry, whom she really didn't love?  Then, as the wedding drew closer, she finally found enough strength to break up with him.  Boy, that was a day to celebrate.  She cried for ten minutes, and then we ran around the room screaming and laughing, relieved from what could have been.

Within weeks, her affections would shift to Lou, whom she was already friends with.  And he was a very eligible bachelor...

with whom she would be engaged to six months later.   

Whoo hoo!  There would be a wedding, and I would be in it!  It would be perfect.  We would be in each others lives forever.  Our husbands best friends.  Us best friends.  This relationship, this wedding would be the best thing ever for our friendship.  But in reality, not really.  Conflict was just around the corner ready to attack us like a boxing kangaroo.  

We would be wanting to strangle one another.     

And I am not exaggerating.


  1. arrrghhh you can't stop there...... cmon..cmon....tell us more, tell us more!! ;)
    heehee.. a "lurking" follower in New Zealand ~ Juanita x

  2. whoa, tell us more, I feel like I'm hangin'....

  3. Okay....I am curious and want to hear more. When is the next episode coming??

  4. I tell my story on weekdays and every Saturday night I put up a funny post. The next part to this will most likely go up on Tuesday. Stay tuned. It gets better. :)