Saturday, June 11, 2011

Does Your Husband “Puh”?

Once a week I take a moment to interrupt my simple life journey for extra bonus material.  A recipe, decorating ideas, a tip, or a post to make you smile. 

What is a “puh”?   

Oh, you might not know.  This may need an explanation.  Some of you may be more fortunate than others to have a husband that does not “puh".  I need to prepare you in case he starts. 

It is when a set of closed lips is affected by a sudden brisk of air that abruptly pushes out, and as it exits the lips, it separates them while releasing a soft “p” sound.  Wait, there’s more.  The air continues to release so to form the “uh” sound.  Put the two sounds together, and you have a “puh".

It is a soft sound.  It could almost be a relaxing sound like that of a gentle wind blowing through a tree’s leaves.  It is so soft and quiet, hardly a sound that would be considered a disturbance.  It might even be cute…. during the middle of the day!   BUT DURING THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT IT IS NOT CUTE!!!!  A “puh” decides to visit you right in the midst of your deepest sleep.  I want to destroy the “puh”!  I want to swing my arm at it and whack it in the face to destroy it, especially when it has visited me for the third time in one night. 

I suddenly understand why elderly people have separate rooms to sleep in.  It's in response to all of the "puhing" going on. 

“Which room do you want to take, Honey, the spare room, the bonus room, the living room, how about the bathroom?  I think we are old enough to have our own bedrooms now.”

Let’s just make this clear.  You can love your husband without loving his “puh". 

So I thought we were the only ones with this problem.  But, as I was about to find out, we are not.

My husband and I went on a double date with some friends.  We were laughing and talking, and one thing lead to another, and I was reminded about the “puh”.  I wanted to share it with them, but I didn’t want to embarrass my husband.  So I looked at him and under my breath I asked, "Can I tell them about the "puh"?"  Well, when I said “puh” the husband of my friend looked at me intently with concern on his face.  He asked nervously, “What?”  Unbeknown to me, he is a husband who also deals with “puhing”, and at this very moment, he was thinking that his wife had told me about this personal detail.  I was about to reveal it. 

My husband signaled to me that it was okay for me to continue telling the story.  As I shared this condition of his, I saw worry decease in the other husband.  The couple started to laugh.  “He also does the "puh"!’’  All four of us were overtaken with that uncontrollable laughter that you seldom experience, the kind that feels like a workout. 

At this precise moment, I believe both husbands were relieved to find that they were not the only ones who “puh”.

And I believe they are not alone.


  1. I got a chuckle out of reading this! My husband does not 'puh' ... At least not that I know of-- I'm a pretty solid sleeper, but I do wake up if he has to use the loo during the night. However, he says that I -- on occasion-- laugh, cry, whimper, or mumble some complete jibberish in my sleep. It's very rare, but when it happens it always makes us laugh. One night I was laughing hysterically from a dream, and I was sort of half awake, and he asked me "What's so funny" -- I replied "You're just a one-front-nut." (Of course, this makes no sense, neither while asleep nor awake.) And I could NOT stop laughing. It was a true "fit" of laughter.

    I do suspect that if either of us ever picks up a habit of snoring loudly, we will have to have separate bedrooms. Or earplugs. :)

  2. Fits of laughter in your sleep. That is funny.

  3. Hi Janna, I just love your blog,and the way you write. Thank you for following my blog, you are most welcome here.
    I completely resonate with this post. When me husband is not snoring, he often has very active dreams. Once he actually hugged me really tight shouting 'spiders!' he then releaved in the morning that he was using me as a human shield- nice.

  4. That is funny :) I think I've heard it before form my siblings or my dad on the couch.Thanks so much for following me :) Sierra

  5. Oh that is too funny. I wish I had a 'puh' Instead I have a wheezy whistle that turns into a snore. My new best friends are righty and lefty, my trusty green ear plugs. I am super excited that you visited my blog and I look forward to dropping in on you more!

  6. I've heard Dan do the 'puh' after Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner when we're all passed out in Mom's living room! Matt doesn't puh but he used to talk all the time (as if he hadn't said enough during the waking hours!). I wish I had recorded his 'conversations'. :)

    Your sister.

  7. Too funny!! I am still laughing tonight about it! Thanks so much for sharing this. I know there has to be more of them out there! Rachelle