Tuesday, May 3, 2011

How NO can make you beautiful.

I learned a new word.

It is only a two letter word.

A two year old has no problem saying it.

It is actually their favorite word:


And I became like a two year old, just like one.

“Janna, can you do this?”


“Janna, can you do that?”


“Janna.  Janna.  Janna.”

"No.  No.  No."

Watch my lips pucker over my front teeth.  See my tongue take its place in my mouth to form the “nnnnn” sound.  Now watch my lips take the form of an “o.”  Do you hear the long sound of “o” coming out?

I look into the mirror at myself and I am prettier when I say it.  It makes my lips look big and sexy, like Angelina Jolie’s.  And here she is. 

image source: broadwaybeauty.wordpress.com

She just finished saying the word "No."

And she looks so good.

"Janna, can you go to the park to play?"


"Janna, can you join the book club?"


"Mom, can we play after school at the park?"


"Mom, can I have a drink of water?"


"Whoops.  I mean yes.  Sorry son." 

Why haven’t I learned this word before?  How fun it is to say.  It has become my favorite word. 

I am like a two year old. 

And I like it.

The pendulum swings back and forth, back and forth.  I only knew the word yes.  Now I only know the word no.  Someday I will find a balance.  But for now my word is no.  Someday I will learn the words, “Let me get back to you on that.”

How about you?  Do you have a hard time saying “No”?  Grab a hand mirror and try my "proven technique" to learn the word “No.”  And get ready to look fabulous.  


  1. Love it. You made me smile sittin' here at my computer! ...and who doesn't want to look like Angelina?!! ;) ...I so get that 'ol pendulum--- whenever I am learning/or practicing proper, healthy boundaries, I just must throw up that BIG UGLY brick wall to make the first boundary firm. And, then when it is nice and established norm, then I can begin to pull it down and have some balance. But, the wall has to go up first, doesn't it? Especially if it hasn't been there before.

  2. LOL! I love this post, Janna. I've started practicing the word no recently as well and I love it. I realized I was saying yes to so many little things I never got around to focusing on the big things like personal goals. Now when I say no I will not only feel better about setting my boundaries but will feel sexy doing it. :)

  3. http://youtu.be/eGXBA8N9AC0

    Janna it's a french song for you... I'm sorry I don't have the english version. The singer say : "my doll say everyday "no". nobody has ever learned to say "yes". It's a song funny.
    Have a great day

    your french sister

  4. I'm am LOVING your blog!! You make me smile & think everyday, thank you! I too have trouble with that word... I have a hard time putting it into my vocabulary but I'm my husband is the King of No so we are trying to find a happy balance. I look forward to getting an email from Simple Life Journey, keep 'em coming!!

  5. SO TRUE! But I am going to say YES to following your blog now ;) what fun coffee and breakfast I had this morning with my new reading material...YOUR BLOG! Yay me! I found you via blog hopping an am happy I did :) Following now.


  6. Janna, your writing is excellent. I'm hoping this is practice for writing a book. Your funny stories and recipes would make a best seller. Love you. Sara

  7. I was wearing a big grin as I read this! I have had to practice the word no a lot this past year (a good thing). Sadly, my lips still don't look like Angelina's though ;)

  8. I am a yes person to, I like to say yes, I often say yes, but saying no is good. Saying no gives you what you need.