Friday, April 1, 2011

Tardiness- A Badge of Honor

There is a reason why I am late every morning.  

I have three children.

No matter what time I arise, tardiness seems to be the case.

And when I do leave on time, there is sure to be traffic to entrap me until tardiness is certain.

When did tardiness get such a bad wrap anyway? 
Tardiness is a reminder to me of all that I have accomplished for my family in the morning.  It means I spent some time brushing hair and teeth.

I believe that tardiness should be a badge of honor. 

People should throw me high fives and say, "Well done.  What a job you did this morning!"  When the teacher marks my son tardy, she should mark it with a star instead of a solemn check mark.

So for all of you moms out there who are unable to make it anywhere on time, Kudos to you.  Wow, the jobs you must be doing at home! 

Rise up and feel proud with me that we have accomplished just a little bit more by being late.


  1. i don't even have children and i am tardy to everything.... makes me worry about when i actually do have 4 little ones around and what i'll make them late for!! yikes! you have a lovely fun blog, i'm your newest follower! :)

    little lady -

  2. I'm more than double your age so I'm coming from an old fashioned point of view.
    I'm sorry I can't Hi Five tardiness no matter what age.
    Case in point: we had an appointment for a massage today.
    The man ahead of our appointment came 15 minutes late. So they called and asked if we could come 15 minutes later.
    So the "late man" inconvenienced the receptionist making her call everyone after him to change their appointments, just because of one person's lateness. He made our day later--how does he know that we weren't scheduled to do something right on time after our massage?
    The doctors, hairdressers, etc. will usually bill you or just not take you if you are late.
    So what are you teaching your kids?
    That it's ok to make everyone else late or work their schedule around yours. Where's the respect or concern for the other person?
    Should we wait for you for dinner date for 15 minutes late, 1/2 hour or 1 hour.
    We had friends who did that all the time and then said "We're worth the wait".
    Well not so much!!

    Simplify your life-that's a great thing. I agree that young families are over scheduled, over programed, etc.
    When do kids have time to be kids, play hide and seek, skate, ride bikes, etc?

    Lay clothes out the night before, set the breakfast table, get up earlier, leave earlier, go to schools close to home, etc.
    This makes life simpler.

  3. Well, I guess no tardy honor badge for you, my friend.

  4. "Anonymous", you should put a name to your profile if you're going to leave comments. Also, this was chalked full of sarcasm. This lady isn't late all the time, just sometimes...and just like the rest of us with small children. Pass that badge on over here please! ;)

  5. Ton blog déchaine les passions et les commentaires... Cela devient aussi passionnant qu'un bon épisode de "Desperate Housewive" !!!!!!
    Je vis dans un autrre pays et moi aussi je cherche à simplifier ma vie. De nos jours le stress est bien plus présent qu'il y a 30 ans...


  6. The above comment translated:

    Your blog unleashed passions and comments ... This is as exciting as a good episode of "Desperate Housewives" !!!!!!
    I live in a busy country and I also am trying to simplify my life. Today stress is more present than 30 years ago ...

  7. Unfortunately, I can't give myself a tardy honor badge. This means that unless we had a flat tire on our car or a desperate family emergency, my kids have never been late to school...and we're in Jr. High and High School. They've gone without lunches, with tangles in their hair, morning breath from unbrushed teeth, scarfed toaster waffles in the car...I even had to go back home for a pair of forgotten shoes once because like a drill sergeant, when I say hustle it means NOW!!! This is all occasional, as I'm sure those tardy marks are for your son. Nobody's perfect and no one can have it all. I commend you for getting the job done that means the most to you, and I commend myself for the same. A badge for everyone who is trying hard everyday to do something right for their kids! Hi Janna--lookin' good! <3 from Oakdale :)

  8. Katybug,

    Your comment made me laugh. I guess you gotta cut something to be on time. Love your ideas to save time in the morning: bad breath, tangled hair, breakfast on the go, and bare feet. You have inspired me. I am going to use these time saving techniques. Thank you, and I feel the love from Oakdale. Nice to meet you!

  9. Before I had my son, I was always on time, now I realized that the only time that truely matters is the time spent with him. Everyone / everything else can wait.... Thanks For the reminder!

  10. Janna,
    Your blog has made me count my blessings as a "confirmed" bachelor. I know now that I am past the point of desiring children in my life. I think that having nieces and nephews are quite enough.

    Just as a suggestion, have you ever considered selling one of the boys . . . to a good family of course . . . you don't need two, do you? How bout the oldest? They're always bitter about the way they get raised. He'll probably team up with Matt as he gets older. Watch out.

  11. Ha ha ha I love all this, Karl that is hilarious!!!! Maybe I'll do that I have four are you sure you don't want one??? Maybe the fish at least? Love your blog Janna, thanks for putting a smile on my face!!!

  12. I am late to everything. I can't even blame my children... I don't have any. Shoot. So, if I do have children, will I be extra late? Probably!

  13. Janna-
    I love how honest you are. Too often, too many moms are putting on the face of "perfection." We all know it is a face. I am late to everything, as well, but constantly striving to be on time. It is a huge challenge for me, but life is about challenges and how can we overcome them, right?! So we can work together at always wanting to be on time. :) case and point, our recent play date! :)

  14. Janna -
    I think it is great that you are trying to slow down and appreciate the beauty in this world that God has created. There is NO SHAME in that. While I do believe striving to be timely is good, I also believe our society has made punctuality into an idol. Where is the joy in life if you are always hurrying from one place to another? I would suspect that this is an effort from you to give up your previous "idol" and allow yourself to be molded into an even better person than you already are. And that is a GREAT example to set for your kids:) KUDOS!

  15. I feel as if this were written as just a reminder for moi! Such a great one.

  16. First time reading your blog recommended by someone else and this is the ONE I felt compelled to respond to.
    I will never have a badge of honor for tardiness but because of it carry way to many red X of dishonor to my husband and children. I become drill sargent when it comes to being on time, all I am missing is the boots to crush them for being late, and a whistle to remind them how slow they are.
    ITS HORRIBLE..and this is truly the first time that I have inwardly looked at my perfectionism to be being timely as a negative trait. I have been praying for the Lord to continue to show me clearly where I am flawed, and your blog page today was for sure answered prayer. Thank you for sharing and bringing to the surface that tardiness means I am just crossing my T and dotting my I's and hopefully a little bit less dishonoring to my family!