Sunday, April 17, 2011

Decorating According to Mary- Children's Rooms

Decorating is such a fine art, and my friend Mary has it down to a "T".  I have known Mary for about 15 years, and her decorating skills amaze me.  

Mary is the one who wouldn't let me in her car with my homemade portable vodka cleaner.  Whatever.   

Anyway, Mary has the most adorable ideas for decorating children's rooms.  So sit back and be prepared to have your eyes tickled in a pleasant manner.

 A Place to Pull up a Chair

Organizing Children's Books 'n' Things

 Vintage Books for Classic Style

Second Generation Toys


Simple Storage


An Added Touch of Light

Mixing Patterns 

An Inviting Area for Play

 Making Storage Adorable

A Little Bird Chirping a Pleasant Tune

Mary, you amaze me!  Love your style and ideas for decorating children's rooms.  Thank you for sharing with us!


  1. Those little teal chairs and the chalkboard are darling! Love some of her storage ideas!


  2. I love the little owl light and the vintage books. What a pretty and usable kid's room- how fun!

  3. I never knew Mary had such knowledge. It's so beautiful. And she have a good idea. They have a lot of colors. It's better for a child room.

    Stephanie from Paris

  4. Such cute ideas!!! My girls are big now (21 and 16) Oh how i miss those days long ago... XoXo

  5. Mary has always been so talented at putting things together...just one of her many qualities....although she always doubts it-it always looks just perfect.

  6. so cute. i want to live in that room. =)