Monday, April 25, 2011

Are You "That Person" at a Party?

Are you “that person” at a party?

I have been, let me tell you, and I am sorry if the recipient of it was you. 

Over the years, I attempt to better myself, stop doing the things that make people cringe while you are talking to them.  I believe I have gotten better, matured, but every once in a while, I do it again.

“Or you could use corn syrup,” my friend A'Leah suggested concerning the question I just asked about what type of sweetener I could use for a certain recipe. 

“Oh, no, I don’t…” I paused, trying to stop my tongue from continuing, not wanting to be “that person.”  But my tongue lost all control over itself and started doing things like moving around in my mouth as my vocal chords made sounds.  My words kept going, ignoring the warning signs my brain was waving at my talking hole. 

“I don’t use corn syrup.  It’s not good for you.” 

I said it, and as the last word “you” exited my mouth, I knew what was coming. 

A'Leah turned toward me, her eyes met mine, “Oh really.  Why isn’t it good?”  She had a slight tone and a cracking smile on the side of her mouth. 

I had no idea why I thought corn syrup was bad.  I just knew somewhere in the deep files of my mind, I had heard something, read something, and I didn’t file away the facts, I only filed away the line, “Avoid corn syrup.” 

I looked at her, almost attempting to quickly scroll through my brain files to grab onto something, but I decided to give up and said, “I don’t know.”

Ya, I had become "that person" again. 

I went home that night, surprised to see this same awkward moment played out upon my television set.

And if you are “that person” at a party and you corner me and tell me things that you don’t know the facts about,

Know that I will listen and I will believe you, whatever you tell me. 

We will be “that person” to each other. 

But let’s keep our voices down low so nobody can hear us.


  1. First off, I'm your newest follower. I enjoyed reading your posts. :)

    I have heard all that corn syrup is bad for you stuff as well. I have heard a million things are "bad" and then a study comes out that they're actually good for something or other. So, all I take from these studies are they're just studies: everything in moderation.

  2. Yeah, everything in moderation...corn syrup, comments, statistics. LOL!

  3. I can't believe that happened to you. How hilarious that you came home to see that on T.V. And yes, I have been "that person" at a party before. In fact, I do think we have been that person to each other off in a corner with voices low. =)

  4. You are so funny! I DO do that but I always preface it by saying "I have no idea where I heard this so it could be totally wrong". I think that disclaimer cancels out any bad advice I might be giving, but maybe not. LOL

  5. Haha this is too funny! I love your posts and I am definitely your newest follower :) I believe in moderation (kind of). ;)
    Have a great day!

  6. Oh my gosh, that is the best! I am busting up right now!!!! Your whole posting was awesome but the video just made it! haha

  7. I love LOVE love your blog. So funny.
    Im your newest follower, follow me too? :)