Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What Have We Signed up For?

We packed up our house to move.

But....we kind of needed a place to move to.

So my husband and I put an offer in on the fixer upper house in my dream neighborhood.  This was the area where we wanted to be; this was where we wanted our children to be.  Grandma and Grandpa would be right down the street.  I would be back home once again, in the neighborhood where I belong.  We waited, eagerly anticipating a response from the seller.  We prayed over it, a prayer similar to a beg, “Please help us to get the house.  Please help us to get the house.”

Could we possibly own a home in my dream neighborhood this quickly?  This easily? 

So what would happen if we couldn't make ends meet?  My husband started putting out applications, but what if he couldn't get extra work?  Well, have I told you about my well-to-do father?  If trouble comes, Daddy will save the day!  He has always wanted us to live near to him.  He loves the idea.  He would help if we needed it; we would have to pay him back, of course.

Two days dragged by slowly, and we hadn’t heard back about the house.  During those two days, I was thinking and wondering about our future.

I am tired.

I miss seeing my husband.

For quite some time, he had been working two jobs.  He worked 8 hours days and commuted another two hours per day.  He had also been working on his side business, via internet, before work and after work. Day in, day out, same old thing, and I could see fatigue chipping away at his core.  I started to wonder when he would have time to take on another job to pay for fixing up this house we planned on having.  I missed him; how much more would I miss him if he added more to his plate? By the way, when would he have time to fix up this house? 

Oh, no!  What did we just sign up for?  Am I sacrificing my husband for a house?!!

My prayers changed.  They became something like this, “Please help us not to get this house.  Please help us not to get this house.”  It’s funny how desires can change when your perception of something changes.

We waited, holding our breath.

My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone.  I flew across the room, jumping over the couch, reaching for the phone.  For those three days I slept with the phone, took out the trash with the phone, and went to the bathroom with the phone.  I included the phone into every activity I participated in, well, except for the shower, but, you better believe, it was in ear shot. 

My husband came out of nowhere.  His body was flying through the air for the phone as well.  Where did he come from?  He wasn’t even in the room.  We entered into a tackling frenzy over the phone.  It was intercepted out of my hands.   “Hello?  Oh, hi Alan (my dad). Yeah.  Uh-hu.  Mmm.”  His vague responses gave me no clues.  My palms were sweaty.  My heart was beating through my chest.  He hung up the phone, “Well?  Did we get the house?” I asked, nervous to receive the answer.  “No, they rejected the offer,” he answered.  I sighed one of relief, but then my heart started to pound once more, and I was filled with fear.  I looked around at our house which was filled with piles of moving boxes.  “What are we suppose to do, Dan?  Where are we moving?”

We had two weeks to find a place to move our family, and moving in with my parents was out of the question. 


  1. Oh, I've been in that situation before too, it's kinda scary, but exciting to think/wonder where you are going to end up :)
    Good luck and I look forward to hearing about "what happens next" ;)

    Oh, and thanks for "following" me.. I just noticed you on my list tonight and so clicked on your blog for a read, and can tell I'm going to enjoy it LOTS! :)

    All the best...and prayers for your home situation too! .. Juanita

  2. First, thanks for following me. And secondly I hope you'll find your home very soon!