Friday, March 11, 2011

The Beach House


 So we moved into the beach house.  The name “Beach House” actually sounds a lot more amazing and enticing than it actually was.  When I say “four-story beach house” you probably imagine your dream house.   



High end.  

A spectacular view.

There was a spectacular view.  That much is true.   

View from the roof.

As for the state of the house, however, it wasn’t as dreamy as you might think.   

Think Magnium P.I. from the 80s.   

I would be embarrassed of it when Cameron Diaz came over to hang out. 

It was built in the early 1980s and had not been touched since.  Sea foam green walls.  The original green carpet.  At least, I think it was supposed to be green.  Someone must have loved the carpet idea because the bathrooms and kitchen were also lined with carpet.  Because lining a toilet with carpet is a really great idea, especially when you have two young boys who can hardly keep their whiz aimed into the toilet hole.   

The house was four stories tall.  Do you know how many stairs that is?  Every time I climbed them I would get a butt blasting workout.  Doing laundry was my workout.  As I remember ascending the four flights- pause, catch my breath, keep climbing, pause, remember to breathe.  Only 200 hundred more stairs to go.  Feel the burn.  See how firm.  Butt blasting!  

Oh no, on occasion, I would turn to see the last of my daughter's hair disappear as she rolled down a flight of stairs. 

I would fetch her at the bottom.  It was not the first time it happened and wouldn't be the last.  But no harm done.  The stairs were carpeted too, of course.

Despite its interior flaws, the house was in a fabulous location, and we had the best landlord in the world.  We were going to live there and love it.  We would rest on the beach and spend lazy Saturday afternoons picnicking away on the warm, sandy shores of Southern California. 

The timing was perfect.

Summer was just around the corner and would be here before we knew it.  Couldn't wait to test out the waters.  

We didn't know how long we would be living here.  I would try a mother's best to make it feel like home. 

As I laid down on the floor to read my little girl a book, I put a blanket down so we wouldn't have to touch the carpet.  


  1. Wow! Sounds amazing even despite the carpeted bathrooms - I guess just try to spend all your time outside ;)

  2. I too like your blog!!!Can't wait to see more pictures of your beach house... XoXo

  3. Your carpet issues had me laughing! Glad it's carpeted to cushion the fall. Have fun on that beach this next year. After all, home is where the heart is - not matter if it's hardwood or carpeted. :-)

  4. Congrats on the beach house! And hey, I love wrapping up in a blanket to read a bedtime story! ;)

  5. Congratulations on a new life and a new journey! You sound like a wonderful person and I'm glad I came upon your site!

  6. Just go rent a rug-doctor and get a baby sitter for one day... it will be money well spent! :)