Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Simple Romance, Simple Pleasures

Since Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, I thought it would be appropriate to put my simple life journey on hold to focus on a very special day. 

My husband and I were newlyweds.  He was in the master’s program, so many nights he would come home very late and slip into bed beside me without my knowing.  I wanted to do something special for him to keep the newlywed romance alive.  I put a few chocolate candies on his pillow to surprise him when he came to bed that night.  I could just imagine his delight when he found them. 

He would feel like a guest at an expensive hotel.  

He would feel warm and cozy inside.  

He would think that I was the sweetest wife in the whole world.  

Well, he never found the chocolate. 

Instead, he laid down his head upon them, and rolled around in them all night long.  So morning comes, and I awaken to this tall, dark, handsome, and hairy man covered in chocolate.  I was like, “Yum!”  “Rawrrrr!” 

Talk about dreams coming true. 


And then I was like, “Spit, spit, spit.”  I think I got a hairball.  Ughh!  Whoever came up with the idea of mixing food and love?  Oh, it is so gross. 

So this Valentine’s Day, I would suggest to you, leave the food in the cupboard, dim the lights, close the door, and do something simple with your husband. 

Enjoy simple pleasures without food.


  1. LOL! I LOVE that story. I love ALL your stories! Happy Valentine's Day! I'll be sure to sneak some chocolates on your pillow. ;-)

  2. Hilarious! Read it to my man and he even laughed. I agree on the love and chocolate, doesn't work- ha :) However a date night over amazing food and I didn't prepare that will not be cleaned up by me either... love it. All by candle-light of course. Filet and red wine are the way to my heart :)

  3. Your blog about the chocolate cracked me up and reminded me of when Brent and I where newlyweds my sister and I had been chatting on the phone that morning talking about our hubby's birthdays because we were both newly married and very poor so we were talking about what to get our men and decided it would be a good idea to squirt whipped cream on our unmentionables and surprise them in bed. So that night I send Brent up stairs and said I'd be right up, I quickly stripped and took the whip cream out of the fridge and went into the downstairs bathroom to decorate myself. Well by the time I made it up stairs all decorated, it was beginning to melt, when I walked into the room I said hurry babe lick quick I'm dripping. Brent looked at me and said what in the world. I was holding both breasts and had what was now runny whip cream dripping through my fingers and down my legs. Brent started laughing so hard at me which made me laugh and I stood there in a sticky, messy pool of sweet cream laughing so hard i was crying. Totally not romantic and very gross.  I agree don't mix food and love unless you want to have a laughing mess. 

  4. Janna,

    I thought I taught you better. I am embarrassed


  5. hahahahahahh Loved this post so much that I literally laughed out loud!! (and almost woke my sleeping husband as it's night here in NZ)...

    then when I had recovered I saw the comment posted right above mine ...from your Dad... hahaha so the laughter started again!! Awesome!