Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Dream of Mine

Why the sudden move and agreement to sell our home?  It had been a dream of mine, for quite some time, to own a home in the neighborhood I grew up in.  It is a quaint neighborhood, as I remember it from years past.  Kids running through the streets.  Boys dressed in camouflage, playing G.I. Joe, building forts in the backyard, chasing me and my girl friends, tying us to trees and leaving us there.  Good memories.  Memories of being tied to benches and stop signs.  Memories of carrying scissors so the next time we were tied to something, we could free ourselves. 

Walking to the store by ourselves.  Finding loose change on the ground to buy a Thrifty ice cream- Black Cherry for me, Chocolate Malted Crunch for my side kick, and Rainbow Sherbet for her kid sister.  Enjoying our Thrifty ice cream until finishing it halfway through, then knocking it off so we could get another scoop for free.

Lemonade stands.  Wearing a whistle around my neck and my over cautious mom tying a rope around my ankle attaching me to the front yard tree just in case Chester the Molester tried to take me.  The rope around my ankle?  Not a  fabrication.    

Great schools.  Quaint.  Safe.

Life growing up in this hood was great.  Well, except for the being tied to trees bit.

This neighborhood is highly sought after especially by young families in the area, but it’s the luck of the financial draw that determines who really gets to live there. 

I have always wanted to raise my children in this perfect place. The only problem with my dream was that it was always expensively out of reach until....  with the sale of our home, we received some equity that made this dream a bit more attainable, but not without sacrifice.  


  1. Aawww...this sounds like the ideal life and reminds me of my childhood! I want my three children to experience these things as well.
    Kristina J.